We had one interest since 15 years – which was – how to obtain the most important international brand names. we succeeded to import from them the best quality of UH-PVC Fittings and valves.
These brands are:-

1- BT Supplies sewage Group

This Company is located in Germany and founded in 1970 as a developer and supplier of P.V.C - KG fittings of Drainge system in Europe.
This Company achieved a level of growth ( by the cooperation between the customers and the innovative development capability ).
This level of growth will continue to increase in the future.
BT has a huge rang of products as following:
* PVC-U KG fittings to EN 1401 -1 of dia. 110 to 400 mm.
* PVC-U KA sanitary fittings to DIN 19531 of dia. 32 to 160 mm.
* PP inspection chambers of dia. 315,355 and 400 mm with inlets/outlets in 110,160,200 and 250 mm.
* PP cleaning pieces to EN 1852-1-2009 in dia. 160 and 200 mm with inlets/outlets in 110,160 and 200 mm.
* Shaft connectors for concrete shafts and house inlets for the connection of PVC, PE-HD,Ultra Rib,corrugated pipes ( Robukan,Strabusil etc.),clay pipe , EuroTop , GFRP, cast iron pipes and others.
* PE-HD drainage fittings with integral insert sleeve to EN 12666 of dia. 110 to 200 mm.
* PP-HT fittings to EN 1451 -1:2000,of dia. 32 to 110 mm.
* Drainage covers of dia. 160 to 400 mm, plastic covers with frame.
* Ventilation components of polystyrol.
* Special fittings and individual customer developments.
This Company has a slogan which is :-
" What we have achieved today.we want to surpass tomorrow "

2- Pimtas

A Turkish Company has 37 years experince in the UH-P.V.C field.
* This company produces the full range of UH-P.V.C fitting & valves from 20 mm up to 400 mm plus the butterfly valve up to 400 mm and the best wafer UPVC cheek valve ( stainless steel spring loaded ).
* Pimtas also produces different kind of products like :-
1- Anti - flooding valve.
2- Clampe Plastic Pipe up to 200 mm.
3- Metal clamp with scerew.
4- PP clamp saddle ( 4 Bolts ).
5- UH-PVC clamp saddle ( 4 Bolts ).
6- All kind of valves for Acid.
And a lot more else.
* The products of Pimtas are in Egypt's market since few years.
* We did the mession impossible with Pimtas we could be able combine between the very good quality and the best prices.
* We started to import this product after passing different kind of test at the national research center.

3- Tecno plastic (Italy)

Specialized in producing the UH_PVC fittings and valves from 16 mm up to 225 MM plus the very well known ball valves (single and double union).
and "of course" the unique check valve with the Rubber spring which does not react with any kind of liquid. all these fittings and valves are in metric,B.S ,threaded Range tecno plastic products ( tp ) are now the only imported products in Egypt as a full Range.

4- ALPRANE (Italy)

Specialized in producing the most successful poly Propylene saddle in the whole world with the amazing flat gasket.
The CLAMP saddles with and without REINFORCING RING up to 315 mm plus the saddle with the metal insert (pn 16) .

Both Tecnoplastic and Alprene are now belong to the most famouse mother company in europe.
" GF Georg Fischer ".

These fittings and valves from the 4 above mentioned international companies made us all along these years sharing the development increasing in Egypt by supplying the biggest Projects in Egypt.

We also gained the trust and satisfaction of our dearest customers.

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